Cheryl   Walsh   Bellville

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My lifelong interest in photography began as a student in Fine Arts at the University of Minnesota studying under the late Jerome Liebling. While a student I combined working in fine art photography with free-lance commercial and photo-journalism assignments, a pattern that continued for over forty years.

My first exhibited work was at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts Biennial in 1970. For several years I continued to exhibit documentary photographs, primarily of the "Counter Culture" and the tumultuous Vietnam Era.

Later I documented the people and landscapes of the rural Midwest, and specialized commercially in agricultural photography. During this time I wrote and/or photo-illustrated 14 non-fiction books for young readers. Initially these books were primarily about farming and ranching. The final books documented Hmong, Ojibway, and Lakota families.

Powwow Summer, a Family Celebrates the Circle of Life, with writer Marcie Rendon, follows an Anishinaabe family living on the Leech Lake Reservation in Minnesota, and was republished in 2014 by the Minnesota Historical Society Press.

Recent work includes photographs of ranches in New Mexico, portraits of Ojibway arists in Minnesota for a book published by the University of Minnesota Press, and portraits of Mayan women in the Northern Highlands of Guatemala. 

I now have a photo studio and gallery, CWB Gallery, in Magdalena, New Mexico. The gallery is open for special events and by appointment, and is currently showing 19th Century telescopes and astronomical photos taken through these telescopes on glass plates and printed by photographer Michael Mideke.

CWB Gallery will be open again on May 7th and 8th for an open studio event in our town of Magdalena showing the work of many artists in many mediums.

Check the Magdalena, NM website for more information.